Science Fact: the Scientific Search for Life Beyond Earth

So, as much of a science fiction geek as I am, I am every bit as much, if not more, a science fact nerd regarding the scientific exploration for the presence of life beyond our home planet. Among my Links (click the ‘sidebar’ navigation icon) I’ve featured two separate RSS feeds that I created, one for the search for habitable exo-planets (i.e., rocky planets in the ‘Goldilocks’ zone from their star) and another for space exploration missions and research within our own solar system (the search for evidence of life increasingly becoming the focus). I have now combined them into a single feed:  Search for Habitable Exo-planets and for Extra-Terran Life in Our Solar System. (And I’ve removed the two earlier individual feeds since they’re now combined.)

This is a fun feed, as it provides a steady stream of science news regarding this very exciting realm of research. Below is a sample of the sorts of articles you’ll find regularly appearing in the feed:

NASA gallery of artists’ conceptions of exo-planets

What Are Exo-planets?

‘Second Earth’ to be found in DECADES as experts claim ONE BILLION planets may hold life

NASA’s chief scientist thinks we’ll find alien life by 2025. Here’s how we’d do it.

Solar-powered spacecraft set to scour Europa for signs of alien life: Nasa reveals mission to blast off in 2020s

Distant Moons Orbiting Massive, Jupiter-like Planets May Support Life

‘Venus zone’ narrows search for habitable planets

Massive clouds erupted 260km into Martian atmosphere – and no one knows why

Search for Alien Life Should ‘Follow the Methane,’ Scientists Say

Methane ‘belches’ detected on Mars

Science Fact: the Scientific Search for Life Beyond Earth

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