Supergirl Trailer

I just got a look at the Supergirl TV show trailer coming this fall, and to me it looks great !

Made by the same team that produces CW’s The Flash and Arrow it’s got a very “Flash-like” feel, judging from the trailer. My hunch is that this show is going to do really well. Looks like there will be a nice mix of humor with the standard superhero genre action and CGI.

I mean this in a good way, strange as it sounds: it strikes me sort of like a very contemporary take on That Girl * with superpowers and fighting super-villains. What I’m… optimistic… that it will be is not literally  something along the lines of the recent SNL Black Widow spoof. That said, like the SNL sendup, in my opinion the show almost must  have some clever fun/social commentary with gender role stereotypes (as we do see in the trailer in an exchange between Kara and her boss about whether Supergirl should be so-named versus the moniker “Superwoman“). Otherwise the show will mercilessly wind up the butt of endless jokes, and deservedly so.

Anyway, really looking forward  to it.  Even my co-worker military veteran friends are psyched about the trailer.

* Or The Devil Wears Prada !

By the way, here are the lyrics for the catchy That Girl theme song, lol (not the slightest but sexist, right? ;-P):

Diamonds, Daisies, Snowflakes,
That Girl
Chestnuts, Rainbows, Springtime…
Is That Girl
She’s tinsel on a tree…
She’s everything that every girl should be!

Sable, Popcorn, White Wine,
That Girl
Gingham, Bluebirds, Broadway…
Is That Girl
She’s mine alone, but luckily for you…
If you find a girl to love,
Only one girl to love,
Then she’ll be That Girl too…
That Girl!

Addendum: Haha! The foofaraw that this trailer has generated is proving to be pretty entertaining in its own right. Some are aggrieved by it, others love it. I’m in agreement with those who point out that Black Widow and Supergirl are diametrically opposed characters. And I agree with this Twitter poster that “Things like ‘girly’ & ‘sexy’ aren’t BAD things, y’know. They just have to be applied to the right characters. I LIKE dorky, girly Supergirl.” The bashful girly-girl persona provides a fun contrast with Supergirl’s powers, I would say. Provided of course that that the show’s writers subtly and creatively play with it to challenge gender stereotypes. (I don’t think it would work well done in a heavy-handed way. I think tnhat calling out our gender stereotypes and biases will work best with a lighthearted, indirect approach for this sort of vehicle.)

It’s actually amusing to see some of the comic book covers from the 70s that this character had. So in that sense its appropriate to present the character this way but with a contemporary approach, i.e., one that subtly and humorously (and maybe ironically) challenges gender stereotypes:

(Credit to this Tumblr poster for assembling the above.)

Supergirl Trailer

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