Ant Man – Will It Bomb?

Four days ago Marvel released a full Ant Man trailer. The film is slated for release July 17th of this year. Unfortunately, it seems the film’s production has reportedly been pretty rocky.

The new trailer itself actually inspires some hope for me that the film might not be as bad as many critics and fans fear it might be:

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It does seem that when the industry buzz is that a film is in trouble, by the time it gets released to the the theaters it gets panned and disappoints the fanbase. This has happened enough times in my experience that I’m setting my expectations low for this film.

But what strikes me about this most recent trailer is that there is essentially no way that a film portraying a superhero with Ant Man’s powers can avoid being strongly comedic. It pretty much has to be. The premise is outlandish and bizarre even for the superhero genre!  Ant Man packs a superhuman punch when miniaturized down to the size of an ant. And he flies around on winged ants. There is no way I can see to do that without the film becoming tongue-in-cheek much of the time.

So… as I see it, the question is : Will the humor work, yet at the same time while keeping the premise (Ant Man’s super-powers) from coming across as one big silly joke?

Time will tell, obviously. But  I’m looking forward to this film just because I find the character concept so creative and amusing from the get-go. I think I’ll have a good time enjoying the special effects and jokes. And as long as the action is well executed, I should be able to have a fun time watching it. I am ever the optimist, I guess.

Ant Man – Will It Bomb?

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