Behold the 1936 super-cycle expected to travel up to 300 miles per hour:

Mounted on spherical airwheels of moderate pressure, a recently designed super-motorcycle powered with twin motors is expected to shatter all existing speed marks for land vehicles. Speeds of more than 300 miles per hour will be reached without difficulty, its designer believes.

The driver is encased in a partially faired-in cabin and is securely strapped down in his seat. A headrest over the windshield provides additional bracing. Steering is effected in the customary manner. Two separate power plants are employed, one on each side of the powerful rigid chassis. The drive is carried to the rear globular wheel by means of conventional shafts and gearing.

The peculiar wheels, apart from providing greater traction and serving as shock-absorbers, are expected to add to the streamline possibilities and the stability of the machine.

(Modern Mechanix via Pulp Covers)


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