WordPress Provides an Elegant Means to Cross-Post to Both Google + and Facebook

At this writing, it seems that WordPress.com provides the best way to cross-post to both Google + and Facebook. You can create a WordPress.com blog for free. WordPress provides plenty of attractive free templates. If the WordPress.com blog starts getting enough traffic you may get ads appearing on it. But ads can be removed for a fee of $99 per year. If you have a business then you’ll want it ad-free, of course. But just for the sort of fun personal use that Whizbang! covers, I would imagine that most people won’t mind an ad appearing now and then.It’s easy to set up posting to Google + and Facebook from the WordPress blog. The method that gives you the greatest control is to first enable your Google + and Facebook accounts under Sharing (see here); and then after you post something on your WordPress blog simply click the buttons to share it with your Google + and Facebook accounts that appear at the bottom of the post. There is another method by which to auto-post every WordPress post (see here). But with just a couple of clicks you can more easily pick and choose the posts you wish to send to your other connected social media pages (that’s the option I prefer). Other accounts that you can enable as such include Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Linked-in, and Pocket.

You can also have a WordPress blog import posts from a Blogger blog. So for example, the posts that I make here I’ll set up to auto-post to my WordPress blog. Then if I want for those posts to be forwarded to Google + or Facebook I can simply click on the buttons to do that.

WordPress Provides an Elegant Means to Cross-Post to Both Google + and Facebook

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