Cross-posting from Google Plus Stream to Facebook Timeline

I have decided that I prefer Google Plus’ social media platform to Facebook for a kind of blended approach to professional and personal interests. Facebook was designed for sharing of one’s personal life, and best I can see it doesn’t seem all that well fitted to a professional identity. Yes, one can create a professional page using Facebook. But in all honesty: is anyone out there actually going to show any genuine interest in it? To feature web content that anyone might truly care about, it is more effective to create website or a blog. Best I can see, Facebook professional pages exist mainly because folks have simply bought-in to the idea that they should have one.What I like about Google Plus is that it seems quite well designed to post interesting things that reflect something about the person, in a way that is neatly integrated into a greater professional showcase. Just as with Facebook, what you share reflects upon you personally, so clearly one must exercise at least fair judgment about the impression one makes. But by the same token, if you’re willing to humanize yourself and let your interests, ideas, and humor show it may be well worth that risk. Just how much of a nuanced human being to be in the professional context is an interesting question these days. But for example, for my profession I know that in imagining the customer’s view I’d be much more inclined to seek counseling services* from a nuanced human being that I can relate with, versus… what?… a suit of armor?Also, the interface of Google Plus is just a lot sleeker. The appearance of Google Plus is crisp and clean.

The problem I have found it that the vast majority of friends and colleagues (that might form links to their friends and colleagues, and beyond) are on Facebook and Linked-in–not Google Plus. Facebook I have discussed. Linked-in is for development of a professional profile and growing a network of professional contacts. It feels inappropriate to post too much about personal interests there (at least to me).

In any event, I have embarked on a kind of mission now to use Google Plus as a hub for my various forms of media (my book’s website and blog, this blog, my Facebook (which I have rarely used yet, but now will; see below) and commentary on life in general.

Edit: I had posted here originally about trying to use a IFTTT recipe but that is not the best solution: rather, using WordPress is. See the post above.

* This in reference to completing the Master’s degree and obtaining the clinical license, which I’m currently working on. But I have a book to promote in the meantime. And the same concept applies to that effort.

Cross-posting from Google Plus Stream to Facebook Timeline

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