Looks Like Music

Yuri Suzuki’s
 Looks Like Music is an unconventional, musical installation which invites the public to exercise their creativity and understand music in a visual manner. Suzuki’s installation, which is based off his project Colour Chaser, emits music through little toy cars. However, the cars only emit sound once they come in contact with colour.

The cars follow circuits drawn in black marker by visitors. Along the circuits are colourful scribbles, also drawn by visitors. When the car encounters a colourful line intersecting the circuit, it reads the RGB data and translates it into sound.

There are five different cars, each one producing their own sound. These sounds include percussion, bass, the melody, drums, and an electronic noise. All together, the five cars become a symphony of music composed by designer Mark McKeague.

Watch a video of Looks Like Music in action here.

(Sources: Design Boom/Creative Applications)

-Janine Truong


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